GROWL! Class

Does your dog…

  • Growl or lunge when you go past other dogs on your daily walk?
  • Play happily with his doggy “friends” but bark at or threaten strange dogs?


  • Have you forever given up on the idea of taking your dog in for training because you think he won’t be able to handle being in close quarters with other canines?

Held in our large outdoor enclosure, GROWL class will give you the knowledge and skills to take your dog from red alert to calm and relaxed. The first class is an orientation without dogs. We will cover the reasons for aggression, required tools, foundation behaviors, and the different exercises we will perform.

The next 5 classes will work your dogs simultaneously and teach them to accept being on leash around other dogs, approaching other dogs, walking next to and past other dogs, and other behaviors which will enable you to engage in normal activity with your pet. The training will not cover inter-dog (household) aggression or teaching dogs to engage in close quarters greetings or off leash play.

This class uses positive techniques in order to build positive associations with what your dog perceives as fear inducing or threatening stimuli. Your dog will learn in a safe environment and proceed at his or her own pace.


Class Information:

  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Location: Puppy Love Dog Training
  • Price: $250
  • Class size: 3-4 dogs per class.
  • Attendance is required to every class

Upcoming Classes:

None at this time – check back soon!