Our Staff

  • Formally educated in sound, positive learning principles and techniques
  • Have many years of experience with all kinds of dogs
  • Love teaching people and dogs!
  • Effective communicators
  • Stress Fun and Safety
  • Available to assist with individual training and behavior situations

Dr. Kay Stephens

BS, DVM, MS (Texas A&M ’79, ’80, ’83)

Kay is a veterinarian who worked full time in private practice until deciding to devote her time to dog behavior and training. She has studied with many of the top behaviorists and trainers in the country. Some of the people she has attended seminars with include Marion Breland Bailey, Jean Donaldson, Terri Ryan, John Rogerson, and Ted Turner of Sea World. Her specialty is the use of operant conditioning and classical conditioning to modify animal behavior.


Kay and Mick

Kay has worked with hundreds of puppies and dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments over the last 20 years.  Kay herself is the owner of 8 dogs, border collies and shelties, who compete in agility, obedience, and sheep herding. She is a national level competitor in working border collie trials and writes articles for the Working Border Collie Magazine. Kay has also worked with Texas A&M in the training of their mascot, Reveille VII. In fact, Rev VII lived with Kay for 7 months as a young dog.

979-229-6300 or  ksteph5260@gmail.com 

Jennifer Blanton


Jennifer with Border Collie, Wink, on a Search and Rescue mission.


Jennifer is an accomplished dog trainer, having trained multiple dogs of multiple breeds to a very high level. She has done movies and TV commercials with her dogs. She is a member of the Texas Search and Rescue Team and has Nationally certified Search dogs.

979-204-6932 or rottieag@hotmail.com



Alex Pruett


Alex with Harley after their second “Wanna Be a Wiener” win at Aggieland Humane Society’s Wienerfest event.


Alex is a second year veterinary student at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and a cum laude graduate of the CVM’s Biomedical Sciences undergraduate program. She has a miniature poodle named Harley who served as Aggieland Humane Society’s Junior Bark Leader and is a two-time winner of the “Wanna Be A Wiener” race. Alex and Harley currently compete in both AKC and NADAC agility. They are active members of Aggieland Pets with a Purpose (APWAP) and visit elementary schools and hospitals.

Alex has been teaching at Puppy Love for over two years. She currently teaches Puppy Kindergarten, Agility classes, and private lessons. Alex enjoys problem-solving and helping clients achieve their training goals.
210-445-1059 or alex.pruett@gmail.com


 Elizabeth Bachle


Elizabeth with her Border Collies, Rey and Fly.

Elizabeth is a graduate of the Biomedical Sciences program at Texas A&M University and has been teaching Agility classes at Puppy Love for over two years. She currently competes with Fly, her 6 year old Border Collie, in both AKC and USDAA and is working towards his Masters Agility Championship title. In 2014, Elizabeth decided to add a new Border Collie to her pack and Rey made the journey from New Hampshire to Texas to be her next Agility dog. Elizabeth teaches Foundation, Introduction, Intermediate, and Masters Agility classes with positive reinforcement methods.

210-391-0123 or ejbachle@yahoo.com