Our Staff

Puppy Love’s Instructors:

  • Are formally educated in sound, positive learning principles and techniques
  • Have many years of experience with all kinds of dogs
  • Love teaching people and dogs!
  • Are effective communicators
  • Stress Fun and Safety
  • Are available to assist with individual training and behavior situations

 Dr. Kay Stephens

BS, DVM, MS (Texas A&M ’79, ’80, ’83)


Kay is a veterinarian who worked full time in private practice until deciding to devote her time to dog behavior and training. She has studied with many of the top behaviorists and trainers in the country. Some of the people she has attended seminars with include Marion Breland Bailey, Jean Donaldson, Terri Ryan, John Rogerson, and Ted Turner of Sea World. Her specialty is the use of operant conditioning and classical conditioning to modify animal behavior.

Kay has worked with hundreds of puppies and dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments over the last 20 years.  Kay herself is the owner of 8 dogs, border collies and shelties, who compete in agility, obedience, and sheep herding. She is a national level competitor in working border collie trials and writes articles for the Working Border Collie Magazine. Kay has also worked with Texas A&M in the training of their mascot, Reveille VII. In fact, Rev VII lived with Kay for 7 months as a young dog.

Kathrine Mancuso


Kathrine teaches Basic, Graduate, S.T.A.R. Puppy, and Canine Good Citizen classes for Puppy Love. She is formally educated on behavior with a BA in Psychology and her passion is to help dog owners build a positive and successful relationship with their pups through training, behavior management, and quality time. 

Kathrine has been training people & pets for six years, starting out with an apprenticeship and accreditation process through PetSmart. She has experience with a variety of breeds – toys, hounds, bully breeds, and more. Her own dog, Lady, is a Collie who has earned her Novice Agility Certificate. 

In the past, she has supervised the training of service dog puppies in the Aggie Guide Dog and Service Dog program. Currently, she serves on the management team of Impact Animal Foundation as the Behavior and Training Coordinator.


Aubrey Kotlarich

img Aubrey’s love for dog training began when she serviced as a puppy raiser for a future wheelchair assistance dog. His success in obedience and manners allowed him to be formally trained and then placed with a disabled partner.

After three years of involvement with the puppy raising program; Aubrey moved on to more formal training at PetSmart, where she graduated from the certification program and taught over 500 hours of classes in her two year tenure.

Aubrey has continued to challenge herself in the dog training realm by training her dogs for competition in Flyball, Rally, Obedience, Drafting, Agility and as therapy dogs.

Aubrey’s goal for every dog owner is to help them understand the canine mind and methods of communication so that trainer and dog can perform as a fun, cohesive team.